Dear Blog,

You have been forgotten! I am so sorry my friend, but life got in the way and this hobby/outlet got pushed farther and farther down the list of to do’s. I am sorry, but I am not promising to make amends, largely because writing this blog is suppose to be fun not a chore. Anyway moving on..

WE GOT ENGAGED! John proposed to me whilst on our August Love Michigan Vacation, that means we have now been engaged for over 5 months (pretty much the same time frame I have been away from the blog) with our wedding scheduled for September 8th, 2012!  Image

The wedding is pretty much planned and to be honest, I am already tired of the planning so please, hurry up September. Oh, and as you can tell we had our engagement photos taken back in October. We had Janelle Ashley Photography do our engagement session and we are pumped to see her again in September for our wedding photos. 


What else is new you ask? WE GOT A DOG! Tali (remember she is our cat) is none to happy but we finally got a dog. His name is Charlie and he is a 5 year old yellow lab mix (I am sure to be writing lots about him in coming posts) that we rescued from an amazing shelter north of Muskegon. 


The photo above is one that I saw online before we met him, isn’t he such a handsome basketball loving blonde! 


Charlie is really intelligent! This photo made our Christmas Card and was taken just before we sent Charlie off to ‘school’ for a month, so he could learn to let John and I be the alpha dogs in our home. He has been home for a couple of months, and we are so pleased with him and the training we all received.

Anyone else ever forgotten about a hobby they really enjoy? I have a feeling that many blog writers go in spurts with their blogs, I was just on a really long no writing spurt. 

I will be back to write more! So stay tuned. 

DIY Microdermabrasion

I saw this on Pinterest on Friday, which meant that yesterday I tried it.  I mean it was free and my face could definitely use so revitalization.

This is all it takes.

As much as I love household-products-turned-into-face-washes, I know they dont all work… that being said. This worked! I mean really worked. It worked so well after just one use my makeup had more staying power and I felt like the only times my face had been that clean and re-energized was when I have left a facial at the salon.

BOTTOM LINE: try this DIY microdermabrasion

In keeping you up to date on the 21 Day Challenge, here is what I wore on Saturday for a burrito & movie date night. We saw Crazy, Stupid, Love… and I loved it. John laughed so I guess that means it wasn’t the worst chick flick he’s ever seen.

Day 13: Neutral with a Pop (of color)

Outfit Breakdown: Tee (Gap), Pants (Express -thrifted), Scarf (Consignment), Earrings (Garage sale I went to this morn), Flips (Old Navy)

I wasn’t a big fan  of this outfit. I did love how I had my scarf tied and I loved undoing the scarf and wearing it like a shawl at the freezing movie theater.

What do you think outfit kinda blah?

21 Day Challenge Update

Don’t worry my friends, I’ve been keeping up with Kayla’s 21 Day Challenge

So for day 10 the challenge wanted us in a Closet Orphan (click here to check out the others). Now since I wore my closet orpahns last week… I pulled out a seldom worn but no way in heck getting rid of gingham tank. I dont wear it much because it fits a goofy, therefore I threw a belt over it.

Day 10

Outfit Breakdown: Cardigan (New York & Company), Gingham tank (Land’s End), Slacks (Gap), Sandals (Born), Belt (99 cent thrift belt)

And then today was the wear a skirt or dress challenge (check out the cuter outfits here)

Day 11

Outfit Breakdown:Jacket (thrifted), skirt (Eileen Fischer), Wedge Sandals (Hush Puppies)

Oh, and if your curious what I’ve been up to, let me just say that my fingertips are all blistered and I’ve got a new frame above my mantel (currently in its Goodwill glory). I’ll put out the update this weekend on my new mantelscape.



Frame-O Change-O

Just a quick update on the power of paint. I made the decision a while back that the oak frame (kinda looked 90’s ish) on my sleeping bear picture needed to be modernized with solid color. I was leaning for just black or white (yes, I realize that neither black or white are regarded as colors in many circles, however as far as I care/know they are colors).  I went with black, as I am currently out of white or off white in small craft paint. FYI if I paint a frame and I don’t spray paint it, I prefer to use small squeeze bottles of craft paint, largely because they are about a buck.

This beautiful cabinet was one my Mom did for me. It was an ugly 1980's display cabinet, until she got her skills on it. I have every intention to get better photos of it and a tutorial on how to, once my Mom isn't so darn busy. Oh, but this post is about a quick frame change, see the oak frame on the top.


And see it now? Way better.

I love this print. It is from The Legend of Sleeping Bear, a wonderful children’s story.

The story goes like this…

“Long ago a great famine had spread over the land. Longingly, a mother bear and two famished cubs walked the shore on the Wisconsin side, gazing wistfully across the great lake at Michigan, which in those days was the land of plenty (as it is today). Finally hunger overcame their timidness and the bears launched out, trying to swim to Michigan. As they got closer and closer to the Michigan shore, the mother’s words of encouragement urged on the weary cubs. When only twelve miles from the land of plenty, the mother’s heart was rent as she saw a babe sink and drown. With the remaining cub she struggled to gain the beach. Two miles of slow dragging and the second of her beloved cubs also perished.

The mother reached the beach, alone, and crept to a resting place where she lay down facing the restless waters that covered her lost ones. As she gazed, two beautiful islands slowly rose to mark the graves of the cubs. The Great Spirit Manitou created two islands (North and South Manitou Islands) to mark the spot where the cubs disappeared and then created a solitary dune to represent the faithful mother bear.” SOURCE

Yes, I know this story is incredibly sad, but it is also beautiful as the mother then waited for her cubs and  became the dunes of Sleeping Bear Dunes which is now The Most Beautiful Place in America, says Good Morning America.

Oh, and I haven’t given up…

Today’s challenge, Dressy & Casual.

Gingham & Pearls

Oh and this gingham blouse is my re-mix item. Which because I didn't start on day one, I wasn't going to do. But like most things I changed my mind.

Do you also paint every frame you have, just because?

Want to check out the other 21 Day Challenge-ers dressy & casual looks?


Lazy Sunday

This weekend has been uber lazy, and great! Honestly it may have been the only weekend all summer where we didn’t really  have anything planned. I did watch a few Glee Episodes (I’m getting geared for a new Glee in September, hopefully), we hit up the farmers market (John got me some gorgeous delilahs) and we helped a friend move into his new home today.

Anyway, I haven’t much to say after such a great relaxing weekend. I did want to let you know that even though I haven’t showered yet today, I did participate in the 21 Day Challenge to “layer accessories”.

I grabbed this accessory photo in the car on the way to help move.

See told you we were in the car.

Outfit Breakdown: Black Tee (Marshall’s), Un-shown skort (Sonoma (Kohl’s) via Goodwill), Necklaces; Bird (Forever 21), Large turquoise (Gift from John), Small turquoise (borrowed over 7 years ago)

So anyway, sorry for the lame outfit for the challenge today and the bad picture, but helping a friend move plus laid back day equals skort (cuter than shorts and carrying boxes approved) and a black tee. At least I wore 3 necklaces to make up for it.

Anyone else pumped for new Glee episodes?

We had a wicked storm yesterday afternoon… I made John watch Romancing The Stone. Who else loves this epic movie?

Wanna check out the folks who actually got dressed today?

End of Summer Challenge to Myself: THE END

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Six/ THE END

I hate purchasing something and never wearing it because of something you overlooked at the store. Today’s dress is a perfect example, too short for me. Others might disagree, but this dress is too short! So in keeping with my challenge about wearing things I haven’t worn all summer I am wearing the to short dress. I am also keeping with Kayla’s 21 Day Challenge and I am wearing something creative or unconventional for day six of the challenge.  I’ve decided to sport my to short dress (I can’t purge this one from my closet as I have only worn it a couple of times since its July purchase ($11 Target) and I see layering potential)) with a skirt under. Kinda like a petticoat.

See the blue embroidered white skirt?

Love this location, I always see photographers here for senior pics.

So, its creative right? or unconventional to wear a skirt under a dress in order for it to be appropriately long? Good to hear, because I’m rockin’ this as my creative outfit. Check out everyone else’s creative outfits too?

Tomorrow I will recap what I’ve given away and start wearing my summer staples again!!

Happy Saturday!

Anything great planned for today? John says he has a list of stuff for us to do..

End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day Five

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Five

Man this whole clean your closet thing isn’t as easy as you would think (okay, you probably already know it’s tough, it’s why you never get rid of unworn clothes). Yesterday when I picked out my outfit (I know totally not my style but with doing two challenges (one to myself & the 21 Day Challenge) I have to plan ahead) I was putting all the question mark clothes into the donate basket. Leaving me with just one shirt that I needed to try before donating, the one seen below.  Oh, and let me tell you as soon as I put it on I knew, DONATE! It’s a cute shirt, but the cut is not for me (really loose at the top kinda like a V shape). I always think it would make a good layering piece with a cardigan, but the sleeves are too bulky to layer. So it’s another donation shirt.

Today’s 21 Day Challenge is titled “Belt It” and even though I already wore this belt a couple of days ago, it was the best choice for this blue top. I went with minimal accessories as today is a Jeans Day at the office, HAPPY FRIDAY! I do have on a yellow bracelet and yellow jade earrings, sorry I don’t think you can see those.

All about the belt.

Outfit Breakdown: Top (The Limited), Jeans (GAP (these are my favorite jeans)), Sandals (Nine West Outlet), Belt (have had forever)

Shout out to my girl Michelle for taking my outfit photos the past few days, WOOT WOOT. THANK YOU MICHELLE. Don’t worry I repaid the favor by bringing her leftovers and buying her TCBY yesterday. Also, all of the clothes I am donating to her to use in a  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer garage sale.

Have I inspired you to clean out your closet?

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Are you pumped for a weekend? I heard it is going to be in the mid 70’s here!!

End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day Four

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Four

Color Blocking is actually one of my favorite looks, I mean most of the crayons really do look good together. To be honest for a while color wasn’t my thing, even my mom told me I wear too much black and gray, since then I have worn more and more colors. Actually for a while as I was reintroducing color into my wardrobe my coworkers would comment, “wow, color”. However now I am on the color bandwagon and nothing is more fun than pairing multiple colors together.

Today’s outfit is especially bright, mainly because I have three pieces on that are up for donation consideration; yellow cardigan, green skirt, and Aldo flats. I knew that I wanted to wear this cardi for today’s 21 Day Challenge, I just didn’t realize that I would be looking so cheerleaderish (brown and gold were my high school colors).

I think I scratched my eye, because it feels like there is a Tali hair in it all the time. Sorry about glasses on a sunny day.

Outfit Breakdown: Cardigan (Thrifted), Tee (Old Navy, Skirt (Thrifted Target), Belt (borrowed from John, thank you), Shoes (Aldo)

Okay, I love this cardigan… but I never wear it. I finally figured out why. It’s kinda small, it fits snug on the arms. NOT KEEPING. The skirt was in the line up for donation too, but I’m still not sure. It is currently fitting nicely but it normally gets so stretched out, we will see how I feel at the end of the day. And finally these shoes were once my staple, but they have definitely seen a better day. They are outtie mainly so I will stop wearing them!

Oh, if your interested. Even though this week has been dedicated to my Fashion Thoughts. I’ve got a slew of other projects around the home to update you on next week. Oh, and don’t worry I will keep up with the 21 Day Challenge, it just will be only a portion of the blog.

Want to check out everyone elses color blocked outfits? click here

Anyone else having a ton of fun reading new blogs through the 21 Day  Challenge?

Do you ever feel a sense of school pride in your work wear?

Have you been cleaning your closet too?

End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day Three

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Three

Today I’m rocking this Isaac Mizrahi (for Target) gingham button up. I love gingham and I am always drawn to it. However, I struggle with s style blouses. Oxford blouses usually have the cutest prints, but I hardly ever wear them because they can look so formal. In looking at this look I beg to differ! This top looks so cute and casual layered.  I actually had a tough time trying to mix this neglected summer top into today’s 21 Day Challenge Pattern Mixing.

See the pattern mixing? I love to mix it up.

Outfit Breakdown: Gingham button up (Target), Striped Tee (Gap), Belt (who knows how long I’ve had it, let alone where it’s from), Linen Khakis (Gap) Shoes (Macy’s), Necklace (Thrifted)

Consensus: Another keeper! I am already imagining mixing this gingham check top with other prints for more pattern mixing, or wearing it tucked in with a high-waisted skirt.


Curious about the 21 Day Challenge? Check it out here.

Is this outfit too patriotic? Who cares, America is great!

End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day Two

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Two

Today I sported a pair of summer pants that I haven’t even tried to wear… These super cute aqua American Eagle Khakis.

It's all about these aqua (John says more sky blue) pants.

I'm not sure why I haven't worn them, but I haven't even tried to wear them. I had to wash the creases out of these before I even tried to iron them.

Okay, I like them. A LOT! They were super comfy all day (they did get a hair stretched at the end of the day) and I felt really pulled together in this bright summery outfit.

And I loved mixing them with this bright fuscia scarf.

Consensus... They get to continue to live in my closet. I just need to remember to wear them.

Outfit Breakdown: Aqua Khakis (Thrifted American Eagle (yup these cuties were under $4 last summer at a Goodwill), Cardigan (Banana Republic Outlet),  Scarf (Target), Shoes (same as yesterday DSW), Necklace (Had forever, but I think I originally borrowed it from my pal Carly).

What do you think? Is the aqua (sky blue) to bright or is it just right?

Oh, and my friend Jenni convinced me to join in on the 21 Day Challenge with Freckles in April’s 21 Day Challenge. I’m such a sucker when someone suggests I do something. I mean really just a simple ask and I buy the appetizer or the pedicure upgrade.  So anyway, I will be adding another layer of difficulty to my End of Summer Challenge to Myself.  Stay tuned for my 19 Day Challenge (the real challenge started on Monday).