Don’t Judge, I’m a Nail Biter.

Hi my name is Kyle and I’m a nail biter.

Gross I know, seriously what 28-year-old still bites her nails? I’ve been doing it my whole life and I’m not sure if I will ever be fully cured of my condition, but I’m trying.

Typically I bite when I am  driving or stressed, so pretty much on my way to work, at work and home from work (which at 45 to 1 hour each way… I bite from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday). I find myself anxiously biting away before I even realize I’m doing it. Often I bite to fix a rough spot and end up making it worse.

Gross before fingers

BEFORE Shellac: Sorry this is such a boot picture, I took it on my phone at the salon.

I’m QUITING again! This time Shellac is my medium of protection. I figure that the manicure method is the best to assist in growing out the nails, as well as just stopping the constant biting habit. I went here to have Sara (super awesome salon owner) apply my first coat of Shellac. I loved every minute of the mani (oh and I got a pedi while I was there too).

Okay the Shellac process… first off Shellac is a dry-manicure (no water, no oil, no soap) they clean your entire nail with no wetness emphasing that the cuticle is pushed completely back and that the tip is smooth. Then they buff and begin with a base coat, two color coats and a layer of top coat (the top coat is really thick). In between each layer of Shellac your hand is in a UV light. To seal the entire thing in Sara just lightly rubbed each finger with alcohol and bamo done. Shellac works like an acrylic or gel nail with no fake tip on the end and no harsh chemicals and awful sanding of your nail beds. Shellac can be completely removed at the salon (not advised for at home removal!!)

I picked a light color as I plan to go 14 days (Shellac is guaranteed for 14 days) before the salon removes and re-dos them. Typically when your nails are first growing they grow super fast and going 2 weeks with a dark polish is not advised. And AFTER Shellac…

AFTER Shellac: Immediately after my first Shellac mani. They look better already and they are still super short.

Have you ever been a nail biter? Are you totally disgusted with me and this post? Does Shellac really work? How long do you think until I fail?


About kyle

I am a girl, first off. Having the first name of Kyle often makes people expect to meet an 18 year old frat boy or football player of some type. But in reality I am a 27 year old girl, a working proffesional, a nature enthusiast, a collector, a cat lover and a Martha Stewart Fan. View all posts by kyle

One response to “Don’t Judge, I’m a Nail Biter.

  • Lisa

    I am a 31 tr old nail biter trying to stop for the hundredth time. I am going to get my first shellac manicure today. I’ve just taken off a set of acrylics so my nails are in terrible shape! i will also be choosing a light color. I’m glad to see that the shellac looks good on very short nails as mine are fairly short right now too. I’m getting the shellac so soon after removing the acrylics so that i dont have time to bite my little bit of new growth down to the quick. good luck with your mani!!!! hope you make it 🙂

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