New Summer Mantlescape

Cute new mantle for summer.

I think I have officially been on The Nesting Place too much lately. I love The Nester’s casual style with fun integrated into her decor items. My mantle however is place of little practicality and therefore can have more… stuff.  Lately my own mantle however, has been nothing to blog about, really it was just a collection of stuff I like with no commonality or layout. That is until now, now it is super cute.

From left to right here is a detail of what is up on the mantel…

3 glass vases filled with a lifetime collection of sea glass. All of my sea glass is collected from beaches, I actually feel like picking up sea glass is like picking up trash. I mean it’s not natural, it should be picked up. The good news, even though sea glass is not naturally occurring, it is beautiful.

Nestled in the sea glass is a great Goodwill find, a brass animal. I’ve got a thing for little animals, and this little snail is just one of my favs. I spray painted him Heirloom White and it only takes two coats to take something from brass to beautiful.

The Chevron painting is just a frame filler. I quickly drew this out and placed it in my glazed mantel frame. I used green and yellow tones to play of the giant yellow rug, and green Ikea chair (more on this later).

The Heirloom White owl is one of the many owls that I got from my grandmother. Her collection of owls was huge and I now have quite a few myself. I sprayed this guy right after I got him (he was scary in his original paint). Oh, and man did it take a lot of coats to paint.

Over on the right, is 3 vases that I picked up at Hobby Lobby in a season clearance. I have no idea why they were season or on clearance, but I’m not complaining. I did stick a couple of driftwood pieces in them, to play on the drift wood collection down at the base of the mantel.

Also, another brass animal is tucked in the 3 vases, this one is a pelican and was found hanging out with the snail at Goodwill and I just had to have them both.

Summer Mantel

I need to do something with the dark brick spaces...

Do you have a great new mantle display? Is there something I can do to brighten up the ventilation slots? How can I integrate my warmer couch into the rest of the room?

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