Stolen Idea: Coral Frames

I can’t help it, when I see something I can make, I stop and think “hey I could make that”.  Most the time I never do anything about it, other times I rush home and start putting together the supplies. The later is what happened after a recent shopping trip. Cool beach chic coral and shell frames. I did not take pictures of what I saw but it was at Another Man’s Treasure in Plainwell, MI. Another Man’s Treasure is such a great store for one of a kind pieces, salvaged treasure transformed and great ideas!

Great cottage looking coral frames. Which are perfect out in the three seasons room.

So you’ve seen what I recreated. Now how did I do it for $4 (I created 6 different frames three in blue and three in white).

By shopping the Goodwill near my office I was able to find 3 frames perfect for this project. St .99 to $1.99 I couldn’t go wrong.

I went for wooden frames reminiscent of the 1990's. Goodwill is usually crawling with these.

I recycled all of this stuff (the paper inside and the frame stand cardboard). I keep a pile of wooden frames and a pile of the glass.

I painted each of the wooden frames with two coats of eggshell Behr paint (originally used in the guest bedroom). Any beachy color wood work.

Using Alleene's Platinum Bond Adhesive Glass & Bead I attached small pieces of coral and shells (that I have collected over the past few years) to the glass. I did all the glueing after I quickly washed the glass.

Attached and ready to frame.

I attached the glass using the original staples already in the frames. On two of the frames the old staples were to far gone, so I just put a few hot glue dots on the back to hold the glass in place. I also took a piece of used sandpaper (from a project John is working on) to the edges to make each frame a bit more shabby chic and beachy.

I have some others I created that were cream as well

Love the three seasons room. I will put a full post up about it soon. John has been busy getting it ready for the 4th of July party. God Bless America.


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