Fabric Floral Pin DIY

I’m in love with Pinterest! Mainly I use it as a place to gather inspiration and follow creative trends. You can see what I have pinned on my boards here. Oh, and my recent coffee table  inspiration for my chalkboard coffee table came from Pinterest, and I’ve got lots more plans for projects from my pins.

Fabric flowers are crazy cute and add fun to any outfit. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and figured as it involved zero sewing and minimal time I could try it out. The flower I saw on Pinterest looks like this…

When I was ready I headed straight to Trish’s Two Peas in a Pod Designs (where the pin originated) to see the full tutorial. I loved the step by step pictures for the fringed floral pin. I used Trish’s tutorial as the basis for my fabric flower pin and I came up with this. Trish definitely didn’t miss a step, great tutorial.

Fabric Flower Pin

Okay, so the tutorial works. I used about a stick of hot-glue (yeah if you can’t sew, you usually can use hot-glue (LOVE THIS TUTORIAL). My first go at this project worked well and I spent zero money. I used this old shirt to create the pin.

It took me about an hour total, mainly creating these tiny little circles out of the old Oxford.

Then a little time was spent glueing

This picture was taken after the first fringed circles were added to the felt base. I’m pretty sure I used more glue than really needed, but I mean how is a girl to know on her first attempt. FYI I don’t care for the seersucker fabric I used, not because of the stripes, but because the fabric continues to fray tiny little fibers. I did combat this when I wore the pin… I sprayed it with a little hairspray, and for the most part it worked to prevent the fiber shedding.

I think I'll make another one, soon.

What do you think? Was it worth the hour it took me to make? Have you started saving your flower pin budget by making these yourself?

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I am a girl, first off. Having the first name of Kyle often makes people expect to meet an 18 year old frat boy or football player of some type. But in reality I am a 27 year old girl, a working proffesional, a nature enthusiast, a collector, a cat lover and a Martha Stewart Fan. View all posts by kyle

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