Bedroom Paint -progress

I don’t know how many times I can say it, but I truly dislike the previous owners of our house. I mean I say “oh, that’s Future Kyle’s problem”, all the time but the deal is I know Future Kyle and I know she can and will take care of whatever mess I have made for her.  I’m pretty sure that the previous owners of our house said “oh, that’s future owners problem,” and then they quickly sold and got out of dodge  Grand Haven.

Ugh previous owners! Previous owners who; did stuff like running speaker wire obviously through the entire three seasons room so that everywhere you look you see the wire, who kept something awful in the hall closet, pee-you, it still stinks on hot days,  let their children play with stickers (John still finds those buggers all of the time),  and (my most recent pet peeve) painted everything in a hurry. Seriously I think it took them about an hour to repaint every room in the house, one wall even looked like they threw the paint on it and then just pushed it around. Oh, and don’t get me started on how they didn’t cover up the floors, tape anything off  or repaint the trim and ceilings… I could go on. Needless to say, I am not a big fan of previous owners. (Side note: I am sure they are wonderful people, just not as anal as I am and not as smart as John is!)

FYI I also really like previously loved houses, and don’t imagine living in one not previously owned by someone else.

Anyway, over the weekend I worked very hard to remove the trace evidence of our previous owners…

Before 1

Before 2

Before the big revel as to what the bedroom looks like right now, I must tell you what I’ve done.

First thing is, the old paint color is super dark and kinda a gross shade of green. The bedroom is shaded by the giant front yard maple tree, so I wanted to lighten it up with a warmer color. I was thinking a light cream with a hint of yellow. I went with this, Behr’s Lightweight Beige -eggshell. Truly a light cream with warm yellow in it.  In addition to painting John also hung a great brand new ceiling fan that matches the oil rubbed bronze fixtures in the house. His favorite part? Oh, probably how it is silent when it’s on, unlike the old fan.

Okay I also have a few more big dreams for this room, but I can only get one thing done at a time. So here is how she looks today.



Awesome Silent Ceiling Fan


Lightweight Beige compliments my jumbo chevron painting and definitely lightens up the space

If you noticed. This little cutie adorns our dresser and John stows his pens, change and such in him.

Okay, so some heavy lifting was done… But I have more to do, check out the list to complete our bedroom.

-hang curtains

-add art (change-up dresser leaning art)

-find great matching night stands

-paint heirloom bed to a lighter shade

-add bed linens in warm and shades with a few great throw pillows

-change dresser nobs

-and probably a bunch more stuff

Did you spend your entire weekend painting? Do you have more blisters on your hands than you have fingers? Do you divide and conquer projects? or do you just say screw it and leave the old ugly paint?

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