Proud to be a girl named Kyle

I am proud to be a girl named Kyle!

I mean when you are a blond little girl with a short boy-style hair cut and a boy’s name, you get strong. You also get use to repeating your name and listening to people tell you their brother, son, husband, father, grandfather, step father, father in-law (or any other significant boy in their life) has the same name. It’s also always been fun to hear stories from boyfriends about when they told their family, friends or co-workers about a date with Kyle (hahaha).

Here are a couple of stories only a girl with a boys name has…

My next door neighbor growing up was a Kyle (the regular boy kind), so my neighbors always called my Kylelayne as though my first and middle name were just one name.

In the fourth grade I didn’t want to be Kyle J (you know how this happens when two kids in the same class have the same name) so I went by Kylee. Yep, just put an extra E on my name and it was different. Too bad I hated being a Kylee and dropped the E in the fifth grade. Some kids Moms still called me Kylee throughout school.

I once was nearly in a fight with a professor in college. While taking roll he said, “Kyle Johnson?”.

“Here”, I replied.

“No seriously, Kyle Johnson?”.

“I am Kyle Johnson.”

 “Stop this, who is Kyle Johnson?”.

“I am Kyle Johnson. I have a boy’s name but I promise I am Kyle and I am here”.

No response to this. 

“Steve Johnson?”.

There are plenty more stories about my name, I promise to share them all over time. Now for the real reason behind this post…

Kyle Freeman, another awesome girl named Kyle with great Style (see what I did there?).

Kyle Freeman is a blogger from the Boston area who happens to blog for (talk about inspiration). She also happens to have a super sweet pad with tons of color, second-hand finds and homemade items Does that sound like a dream to this girl Kyle? YES it does!

Anyway, I wanted to include a quote from the BHG DIY Magazine (Fall 2011) about Kyle’s feelings towards thrifting, “You’ve got to be willing to work when it comes to secondhand shopping,” she says. “It takes effort to find the really great pieces that make a room.”

I totally agree with this quote. Mainly because it makes my many trips through the same thrift stores valid. I don’t buy something every time, but when I am there to strike on a brand new IKEA frame, or grab up tons of great JCrew t-shirts, and then hear my friends whine about how they never find anything… I will know its the effort I put forward.

Anyway, I love other girls named Kyle! You rock.

About kyle

I am a girl, first off. Having the first name of Kyle often makes people expect to meet an 18 year old frat boy or football player of some type. But in reality I am a 27 year old girl, a working proffesional, a nature enthusiast, a collector, a cat lover and a Martha Stewart Fan. View all posts by kyle

19 responses to “Proud to be a girl named Kyle

  • Kyle

    Omg. Oh. My. God. ME TOOOO.

    I dated a Kyle even and I hated being Kyle O all the time so I went by Kyelle. Which turned to Ellie, which was helpful for those teachers who refused to believe that I was infact Kyle O.

    I love finding other girls named Kyle. Rock on!

  • Kyle Anne

    I am a girl named Kyle! My mom and friends call me by my first and middle name, Kyle Anne ever since I was a baby. I am going to college next year I want to shorten it to my real first name so that it is just Kyle. But I have yet to build up the strength!!!

    I still remember in the third grade, when I told someone that my actual first name was Kyle. They asked, “did your parent wish you were a boy?” Haha.

  • kylesrecipes

    Hi Kyle! It’s a long story why but I was just doing a google search of my name and the DIY article and I found your blog piece. I’m flattered and delighted to read it. So I just wanted to say hi! From one girl Kyle to another :). Take care! Kyle Elizabeth Freeman, Cloud 9 Redesign

  • Anna

    I graduated with a girl named Kyle in 1976, Lee Meriwether the actress, has a daughter named Kyle, my sister-in-law’s middle name is Kyle and my daughter is named Kyle, (born 1987) she went to school with another girl named Kyle (born 1985) My daughter lover her name!

  • kyle z

    I found this post to be so amusing because I can definitely relate. I am an African American 20 year old girl also named Kyle. I literally laughed out loud when I read the part about growing up with short hair and having a boy’s name. And the part about people not believing your name is Kyle. And of course the funny stories about what people thought when they first heard your name. I was ridiculed a lot growing up because my name is Kyle but I absolutely love It now. I am still yet to come across a girl named Kyle in person which would be really cool!

  • Kyle

    Hi my name is Kyle too! Im 18 and I have short blonde hair too! Growing up I always hated my name because everyone would comment on it, but recently I’ve grown to like it. Its a strong name and any girl who has the name should be proud of it!

  • Kyle

    I know the feeling. I work in the tourism industry, and as such am exposed to a large number of people. After having to convince people that no, I am not in fact wearing the name tag of a male colleague, it is mine, I am faced with downright hurtful comments such as “your parents must have hated you.” No, they didn’t and don’t and get on the damn ride now before I lose my job for punching you in the face. Even had a woman talk to me for 20 minutes and she was like “I am surprised guys are allowed to have hair that long here.” Umm. They aren’t. Good thing I am not a guy. It definitely makes you a more thick skinned, stronger female. The little things in life don’t get to me the way they might for more traditionally named females.

  • kyle smedley

    Never met another girl Kyle and I know a lot of people feel strongly about girls having boys names but I love being different! At least people remember who I am, and for good reason 🙂

  • kyle

    Im a girl and my name is kyle too! I know this article is a little old but I was googling ” how many girls are named kyle” and your blog game up. Anyways I feel like I voukd of written this myself… word for word. Thanks for making me smile 🙂
    -Kyle ( see what I did there)

  • Kyle Hazard

    Fellow girl Kyle here. Nice to know I’m not alone in these struggles!

  • Kyle Chappell

    I am a girl named Kyle! Coincidentally, I currently live about 10 minutes (if that) from a town named Kyle in Texas, which means I get asked if I’m named for the town. I’ve even been asked if I was conceived there! Both are untrue, however. Actually, there is no story or meaning to my name. My mother simply liked the name for a girl, so that’s what I got, along with a lifetime of questions and confusion. I’m a nurse, and have explained countless times to families that yes I have a boys name but I am assuredly not a boy, and my parents were not expecting a boy. Mom admitted later, too, that if she’d have heard ‘Kylie’ before I was born, she would have gone with that.
    Kyle forever!

  • Kyle M

    There are more of us! Yay!

  • Kyle Savennah

    Hello!!! I just found your blog while browsing the internet, and I love how much confidence you have with your name! My name is Kyle and i’m a girl too, and i’ve always had problems when people would think I was a boy, or when they would think Kyle is short for Kylee. But overall, your blog is really amazing! 🙂

  • Jenny

    I love this! My daughter who will be two next month is Kyle Elizabeth! I love the name and she is also a little girl with blonde short hair who is incredibly strong. She was named after a women I had met in my grad school class who took care of children with disabilities. She was also a strong no nonsense kind of women. I loved that. So when I suggested naming our daughter Kyle he loved it! Plus hey why not try to help her out in the job market with the glass ceiling issue, with none other than a boys name! To all the Kyle’s out there you are smart, strong women with a kick ass name so ROCK IT!!

  • Kyle Ann

    I’m a girl named Kyle too! It’s so funny because I have a story just like that from high school when z substitute teacher actually asked to see my ID! I was so irritated! I went by Kyle Ann off and on through the years, but now I prefer to be called Kyle! It’s a great name for a girl. I appreciate the strength behind it.

  • Kyle Savoy

    I am a Kyle too! Yes, growing up a girl with the name Kyle does make you tough. My sister became my hero when she told a boy named Kyle he had a girl’s name right in front of me. Always loved my sister, but that day she really shined! I am 60, have two beautiful grown daughters and still have to deal with people who question my name, but I am proud to be a Kyle.
    Thanks for writing your blog!
    Kyle Savoy

    • Kyle's mom

      Mother of a daughter named Kyle who is now 29yrs old. She is named after her aunt but I also went to school with a girl named Kyle. While pregnant (30yrs ago) there was a show on tv with Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle. There was a woman on Housewives of Beverly Hills whose name was Kyle. There was a girl named Kyle 2 years older in school and no boys in her class all through school. Not until the following year did the name Kyle become popular for boys! We never would have wanted Kylie because our last name ends in y and that would be to many eee eee sounds.

  • Breadlifeland16

    HI! I’m glad to see this…but I think I’m a little late, 6 years late. I enjoyed reading this and I can relate to you a lot since I am a female named kyle.
    For the past 4 years of my high school life, I corrected everyone’s pronounation of my name. Teachers would call me kyle while doing the register and I would tell them it’s pronounced kylie. Your post inspired me and i agree that being called kyle is so much better, I also felt more comfortable with it. I’m currently in my last year of high school and I want to be called kyle again like when I was younger. This post helped me gain my confidence! Thank you

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