Mascara Review

My name is Kyle and I am a Mascara-aholic!

Literally I love mascara. When I turned 13 my Mom let me wear makeup, but she didn’t buy me makeup… so I just started by wearing her mascara, which turned into mascara and an under eye concealer. Now that I am an adult and buy my own makeup I still can’t leave the house without mascara and an under eye concealer!  I mean I could leave the house, but it’s not really a sight for all eyes.

I’ve got a fav concealer (it’s actually a foundation) and I never change. Oh, and a new compact of this stuff will last me about 6 months! AWESOME.

In Ivory (what can I say I have angel skin)

When it comes to mascara, I have tried them all. I will tell you though, I’m not a big fan of department store mascaras, it’s not the money, it’s the fact that they don’t work any better than the same product and  they do cost far more.  I have used many a Lancome product and if you absolutely have to have a department store mascara, this is the one but it smells weird…

Hypnose Volume Mascara by Lancome (I use brown or brownish black mascara, but I couldn't find a pic)

Back to the subject… I actually like drug store mascaras!! I think I’ve tried them all, I certainly will try anything new. I usually have a couple different brands/tubes going at the same time and I switch it up regularly. I also will not use an old tube! Haven’t you noticed that when mascara gets old it starts to smell? That can not be a good thing. JUST THROW IT OUT even if it did cost you $20!
I do love one brand in particular, Maybelline. They make the best mascaras. I’m sure it all started with this one (the green and pink) which I totally still use. Anyway my current fav is Maybelline’s Falsies which has a patented ‘spoon’ brush. The brush is really different and lends itself to create l beautiful big thick lashes and in my opinion the bigger the better when it comes to lashes. So back to the brush, it actually has regular bristles on one side and has short bristles on the other so you can concentrate on the base of the eye lash to start with the short bristles (creating fullness) and then use the long bristles to create  long and thick lashes. Here is the one I am currently using as my go to mascara, o.O.o and I just had a comment the other day about how thick my eyelashes were…

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express in Brownish-Black

Do you still rock the pink & green by Maybelline? Any fav brands of mascara? Are you addicted to mascara?

About kyle

I am a girl, first off. Having the first name of Kyle often makes people expect to meet an 18 year old frat boy or football player of some type. But in reality I am a 27 year old girl, a working proffesional, a nature enthusiast, a collector, a cat lover and a Martha Stewart Fan. View all posts by kyle

4 responses to “Mascara Review

  • Shannon

    Kyle, this is my favorite post you’ve done so far. Yes, I have been lurking and not commenting, but I am de-lurking now. 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, the bigger/thicker/longer the BETTER. And I too won’t leave the house without mascara. Tarantula eyes? Bring it. I mean… I like to avoid clumps, but give me volume! I’m definitely going to have to check some of these out. I only do waterproof, which yes, tends to be more clumpy than normal, but I have itchy eyes and rub off normal stuff right away.

    My long-time fav was L’Oreal Voluminous, but I kept wanting to go bigger/longer (that’s what she said). I’ve been using Maybelline Lash Stiletto for a while now, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m just always worried that I could be missing out on something better and not know it.

    Also, did you know that the FDA actually says that mascara expires after three months of being open? I guess at that point it has so much bacteria in it that it’s not safe to use anymore. So you’re totally right about getting rid of it after a bit.

    Wow, longest comment ever. I am passionate about mascara.

    PS For undereyes, I love Benefit Ooh La Lift. It’s not a concealer, but it really brightens up my circles.

    • kyle

      o.m.g Shannon WRITE MORE COMMENTS, I love that you read and that you want tarantula eyes! I actually stopped the conversation I was having to share that I got your comment on the blog (I get the feed on my cell, maybe not such agood idea)! Bonus for me your comment was uber long.
      Also, I bought Lash Stiletto per your suggestion this morning. I love their advertising, but I hadnt bought because I dont want a few long pointy eyelashes I want tons on thick eyelashes! But if a fellow mascara-alohic says its a go, I’ll try.

  • Shannon

    Just read this today (… and I am probably going to plunk down my $22 at Sephora next time I’m in Denver. By the way, suddenly having easy access to Sephora (and also The Container Store and West Elm) was one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me. Now if only they’d make a waterproof version.

    Also, you and Jenni have inspired me to maybe start my blog back up. I’ll let you know if/when it happens.

  • Melle

    Love Maybelline too! I agree that sometimes there is no better solution than the green & pink!!

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