End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day Four

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Four

Color Blocking is actually one of my favorite looks, I mean most of the crayons really do look good together. To be honest for a while color wasn’t my thing, even my mom told me I wear too much black and gray, since then I have worn more and more colors. Actually for a while as I was reintroducing color into my wardrobe my coworkers would comment, “wow, color”. However now I am on the color bandwagon and nothing is more fun than pairing multiple colors together.

Today’s outfit is especially bright, mainly because I have three pieces on that are up for donation consideration; yellow cardigan, green skirt, and Aldo flats. I knew that I wanted to wear this cardi for today’s 21 Day Challenge, I just didn’t realize that I would be looking so cheerleaderish (brown and gold were my high school colors).

I think I scratched my eye, because it feels like there is a Tali hair in it all the time. Sorry about glasses on a sunny day.

Outfit Breakdown: Cardigan (Thrifted), Tee (Old Navy, Skirt (Thrifted Target), Belt (borrowed from John, thank you), Shoes (Aldo)

Okay, I love this cardigan… but I never wear it. I finally figured out why. It’s kinda small, it fits snug on the arms. NOT KEEPING. The skirt was in the line up for donation too, but I’m still not sure. It is currently fitting nicely but it normally gets so stretched out, we will see how I feel at the end of the day. And finally these shoes were once my staple, but they have definitely seen a better day. They are outtie mainly so I will stop wearing them!

Oh, if your interested. Even though this week has been dedicated to my Fashion Thoughts. I’ve got a slew of other projects around the home to update you on next week. Oh, and don’t worry I will keep up with the 21 Day Challenge, it just will be only a portion of the blog.

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Anyone else having a ton of fun reading new blogs through the 21 Day  Challenge?

Do you ever feel a sense of school pride in your work wear?

Have you been cleaning your closet too?

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