End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day Five

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Five

Man this whole clean your closet thing isn’t as easy as you would think (okay, you probably already know it’s tough, it’s why you never get rid of unworn clothes). Yesterday when I picked out my outfit (I know totally not my style but with doing two challenges (one to myself & the 21 Day Challenge) I have to plan ahead) I was putting all the question mark clothes into the donate basket. Leaving me with just one shirt that I needed to try before donating, the one seen below.  Oh, and let me tell you as soon as I put it on I knew, DONATE! It’s a cute shirt, but the cut is not for me (really loose at the top kinda like a V shape). I always think it would make a good layering piece with a cardigan, but the sleeves are too bulky to layer. So it’s another donation shirt.

Today’s 21 Day Challenge is titled “Belt It” and even though I already wore this belt a couple of days ago, it was the best choice for this blue top. I went with minimal accessories as today is a Jeans Day at the office, HAPPY FRIDAY! I do have on a yellow bracelet and yellow jade earrings, sorry I don’t think you can see those.

All about the belt.

Outfit Breakdown: Top (The Limited), Jeans (GAP (these are my favorite jeans)), Sandals (Nine West Outlet), Belt (have had forever)

Shout out to my girl Michelle for taking my outfit photos the past few days, WOOT WOOT. THANK YOU MICHELLE. Don’t worry I repaid the favor by bringing her leftovers and buying her TCBY yesterday. Also, all of the clothes I am donating to her to use in a  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer garage sale.

Have I inspired you to clean out your closet?

Wanna check out more “Belt It” outfits? Click here

Are you pumped for a weekend? I heard it is going to be in the mid 70’s here!!

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