End of Summer Challenge to Myself: THE END

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day Six/ THE END

I hate purchasing something and never wearing it because of something you overlooked at the store. Today’s dress is a perfect example, too short for me. Others might disagree, but this dress is too short! So in keeping with my challenge about wearing things I haven’t worn all summer I am wearing the to short dress. I am also keeping with Kayla’s 21 Day Challenge and I am wearing something creative or unconventional for day six of the challenge.  I’ve decided to sport my to short dress (I can’t purge this one from my closet as I have only worn it a couple of times since its July purchase ($11 Target) and I see layering potential)) with a skirt under. Kinda like a petticoat.

See the blue embroidered white skirt?

Love this location, I always see photographers here for senior pics.

So, its creative right? or unconventional to wear a skirt under a dress in order for it to be appropriately long? Good to hear, because I’m rockin’ this as my creative outfit. Check out everyone else’s creative outfits too?

Tomorrow I will recap what I’ve given away and start wearing my summer staples again!!

Happy Saturday!

Anything great planned for today? John says he has a list of stuff for us to do..

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I am a girl, first off. Having the first name of Kyle often makes people expect to meet an 18 year old frat boy or football player of some type. But in reality I am a 27 year old girl, a working proffesional, a nature enthusiast, a collector, a cat lover and a Martha Stewart Fan. View all posts by kyle

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