Dear Blog,

You have been forgotten! I am so sorry my friend, but life got in the way and this hobby/outlet got pushed farther and farther down the list of to do’s. I am sorry, but I am not promising to make amends, largely because writing this blog is suppose to be fun not a chore. Anyway moving on..

WE GOT ENGAGED! John proposed to me whilst on our August Love Michigan Vacation, that means we have now been engaged for over 5 months (pretty much the same time frame I have been away from the blog) with our wedding scheduled for September 8th, 2012!  Image

The wedding is pretty much planned and to be honest, I am already tired of the planning so please, hurry up September. Oh, and as you can tell we had our engagement photos taken back in October. We had Janelle Ashley Photography do our engagement session and we are pumped to see her again in September for our wedding photos. 


What else is new you ask? WE GOT A DOG! Tali (remember she is our cat) is none to happy but we finally got a dog. His name is Charlie and he is a 5 year old yellow lab mix (I am sure to be writing lots about him in coming posts) that we rescued from an amazing shelter north of Muskegon. 


The photo above is one that I saw online before we met him, isn’t he such a handsome basketball loving blonde! 


Charlie is really intelligent! This photo made our Christmas Card and was taken just before we sent Charlie off to ‘school’ for a month, so he could learn to let John and I be the alpha dogs in our home. He has been home for a couple of months, and we are so pleased with him and the training we all received.

Anyone else ever forgotten about a hobby they really enjoy? I have a feeling that many blog writers go in spurts with their blogs, I was just on a really long no writing spurt. 

I will be back to write more! So stay tuned. 

About kyle

I am a girl, first off. Having the first name of Kyle often makes people expect to meet an 18 year old frat boy or football player of some type. But in reality I am a 27 year old girl, a working proffesional, a nature enthusiast, a collector, a cat lover and a Martha Stewart Fan. View all posts by kyle

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