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DIY Microdermabrasion

I saw this on Pinterest on Friday, which meant that yesterday I tried it.  I mean it was free and my face could definitely use so revitalization.

This is all it takes.

As much as I love household-products-turned-into-face-washes, I know they dont all work… that being said. This worked! I mean really worked. It worked so well after just one use my makeup had more staying power and I felt like the only times my face had been that clean and re-energized was when I have left a facial at the salon.

BOTTOM LINE: try this DIY microdermabrasion

In keeping you up to date on the 21 Day Challenge, here is what I wore on Saturday for a burrito & movie date night. We saw Crazy, Stupid, Love… and I loved it. John laughed so I guess that means it wasn’t the worst chick flick he’s ever seen.

Day 13: Neutral with a Pop (of color)

Outfit Breakdown: Tee (Gap), Pants (Express -thrifted), Scarf (Consignment), Earrings (Garage sale I went to this morn), Flips (Old Navy)

I wasn’t a big fan  of this outfit. I did love how I had my scarf tied and I loved undoing the scarf and wearing it like a shawl at the freezing movie theater.

What do you think outfit kinda blah?

Perfect summer weekend

What a weekend? No really what a weekend. This was a great weekend. I think the only thing that would have made it better, swimming. Had I taken a dip in Lake Michigan or at least a pool I would have had a complete summer weekend. What did we do you ask?

Friday I finished this project, and took the guest bedroom from this..

Before finishing this project.

to this…

AFTER: Casual cursive lyrics.

AFTER: Casual cursive lyrics.

What do you think? Improvement? I like it, definitely adds to the height of the bed and makes it the focal point in the room. Thank you free project!

I'd say I'm happy with the guest bedroom. On to the bedroom.

Saturday was a complete day, the arrival of John’s Mom and Aunt Dianne. Who got to Grand Haven just in time to hit up our fav breakfast spot and then we headed out antiquity all afternoon. What did I get? Just another deer for my ceramic deer collection and a Ball Jar filled with buttons! I can use these buttons on anything and I saw a cute tutorial for a button clip for my hair. Hmm, maybe soon I will put up my tutorial review on button hair pins. That is if I make some.

Buttons and Ball Jar

For my collection.

We also took the girls out onto my Dad’s boat.

We had a ball! and look at that fish.

Isn’t my Dad a great guy for letting us borrow him to take us for a cruise at sunset?

Thanks Dad.

And I know you wont believe it but we also had a great Sunday, complete with eating ice-cream twice in one day (what else do you do when it’s 90 degrees outside?), and seeing the final Harry Potter.

Do you love or hate it when it is 90+ out there and you melt when put your makeup on? Are you also devastated that after years, you are no longer waiting on the premiere of a Harry Potter book or magazine? Didn’t Neville Longbottom get cute? Are you a fatty too, it’s okay if you are it makes me feel better? FYI Eating ice-cream twice in a day EQUALS serious fatty.

Another Chalkboard Project -unfinished for now

I have a perfect frame for over the bed in the guest bedroom… by perfect I mean it was free, the wood frame was the right color for the room and it was a substantial size (size does matter). Perfect with one exception, I didn’t know what I wanted to frame. Everything I thought of seemed so boring, busy or was just icky (that is a real design word). So as much as I searched Pinterest (check out my pin’s here) I just couldn’t get creative. That is until I took another look at what was over the bed.



A word that has hung in every one of my spaces for over 7 years. Usually this word was nestled in with pictures , hung above a cabinet or leaned on the wall above cupboards. But right now it was all by itself above the bed and actually it is kinda boring. The word imagine should conger up ideas and fantasizes not be boring. But it is perfect above the bed… hmm what to go with it. Then I realized John Lennon’s Imagine is one of my favorite songs, and one of many reasons I love the word so much, I also loved its price tag at Value City (who wouldn’t shop for design accents at a store named Value City) it was $8.99, I know because the price tag is still on it, kinda like Sherry of Young House Love (check out her problem here).

I love IMAGINE! Watch the video here.

So I painted right on the glass with Rustoleum Chalk Board Paint, I had leftover (from this project) and then I am going to write out the chorus to Imagine. When everything is dry, which will hopefully be soon. I will just have John help me hang it above Imagine, so it looks like this idea was meant to happen. Don’t worry I will post pictures once it’s up there.

Oh, and as long as we’re in the guest bedroom… Here are a few pics of how cute it is in there, you’d think we were having guests over for the weekend. Oh, wait. WE ARE!  John’s Mom, Linda, and her sister, Aunt Diane, are coming to stay-antique-shop-eat-drink wine-beach and Grand Haven it up with us until Sunday.

Blue and green guest bedroom

Don't you love these felt pillows my Mom made for me. They go great in the guest bedroom.

Green and blue, this great little green cabinet was a gift from both of my parents. The antique window is an original from their farm-house.

Love the antique dresser from John's family. It is one of a kind and beautiful. Notice anything typical? Oh, an heirloom white giraffe and her baby.

Yup these guys were brass before, but I love to spray paint and now they are so sweet.

Do you love Imagine, does the song just make you oh I don’t know, Imagine?  Do you quick add style to rooms a few hours before house guests arrive? Are you frantically cleaning not because your house is dirty but because you can’t imagine not cleaning right before a guest arrives? Are your ready to have some fun this weekend or what? Ugh, this was a long week.

Fabric Floral Pin DIY

I’m in love with Pinterest! Mainly I use it as a place to gather inspiration and follow creative trends. You can see what I have pinned on my boards here. Oh, and my recent coffee table  inspiration for my chalkboard coffee table came from Pinterest, and I’ve got lots more plans for projects from my pins.

Fabric flowers are crazy cute and add fun to any outfit. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and figured as it involved zero sewing and minimal time I could try it out. The flower I saw on Pinterest looks like this…

When I was ready I headed straight to Trish’s Two Peas in a Pod Designs (where the pin originated) to see the full tutorial. I loved the step by step pictures for the fringed floral pin. I used Trish’s tutorial as the basis for my fabric flower pin and I came up with this. Trish definitely didn’t miss a step, great tutorial.

Fabric Flower Pin

Okay, so the tutorial works. I used about a stick of hot-glue (yeah if you can’t sew, you usually can use hot-glue (LOVE THIS TUTORIAL). My first go at this project worked well and I spent zero money. I used this old shirt to create the pin.

It took me about an hour total, mainly creating these tiny little circles out of the old Oxford.

Then a little time was spent glueing

This picture was taken after the first fringed circles were added to the felt base. I’m pretty sure I used more glue than really needed, but I mean how is a girl to know on her first attempt. FYI I don’t care for the seersucker fabric I used, not because of the stripes, but because the fabric continues to fray tiny little fibers. I did combat this when I wore the pin… I sprayed it with a little hairspray, and for the most part it worked to prevent the fiber shedding.

I think I'll make another one, soon.

What do you think? Was it worth the hour it took me to make? Have you started saving your flower pin budget by making these yourself?

Stolen Idea: Chalkboard top coffee table

For our Three Seasons Room I wanted something like this.

Love the chalkboard top, and the color.


So I knew that I loved the concept. But I didn’t want such a sturdy or plain-looking coffee table. I needed something with curves, oh and yellow would be too much for my 3 seasons room. So I did this…

I went with a beautiful curved coffee table ($10 at Goodwill). Blue was a better fit to tie in with the pillows and not add to much color to a space designed to highlight the outdoors.

Chalkboard paint is really easy to use. I chose to use Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint Brush On and only needed 3 thin coats to complete the top. Bonus it is perfect, and wipes beautifully every time.

What have you used chalkboard paint on? Did you DIY anything over the 4th of July or were you just lazy and enjoy your weekend?

Stolen Idea: Coral Frames

I can’t help it, when I see something I can make, I stop and think “hey I could make that”.  Most the time I never do anything about it, other times I rush home and start putting together the supplies. The later is what happened after a recent shopping trip. Cool beach chic coral and shell frames. I did not take pictures of what I saw but it was at Another Man’s Treasure in Plainwell, MI. Another Man’s Treasure is such a great store for one of a kind pieces, salvaged treasure transformed and great ideas!

Great cottage looking coral frames. Which are perfect out in the three seasons room.

So you’ve seen what I recreated. Now how did I do it for $4 (I created 6 different frames three in blue and three in white).

By shopping the Goodwill near my office I was able to find 3 frames perfect for this project. St .99 to $1.99 I couldn’t go wrong.

I went for wooden frames reminiscent of the 1990's. Goodwill is usually crawling with these.

I recycled all of this stuff (the paper inside and the frame stand cardboard). I keep a pile of wooden frames and a pile of the glass.

I painted each of the wooden frames with two coats of eggshell Behr paint (originally used in the guest bedroom). Any beachy color wood work.

Using Alleene's Platinum Bond Adhesive Glass & Bead I attached small pieces of coral and shells (that I have collected over the past few years) to the glass. I did all the glueing after I quickly washed the glass.

Attached and ready to frame.

I attached the glass using the original staples already in the frames. On two of the frames the old staples were to far gone, so I just put a few hot glue dots on the back to hold the glass in place. I also took a piece of used sandpaper (from a project John is working on) to the edges to make each frame a bit more shabby chic and beachy.

I have some others I created that were cream as well

Love the three seasons room. I will put a full post up about it soon. John has been busy getting it ready for the 4th of July party. God Bless America.