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Incredibly hot

Outfit breakdown: TOP The Limited (via thrift), NECKLACE (gifted from Mom see similar here), SKIRT Target, BELT thrifted,  SHOES NinewestSuper bright, sorry I should have worn shades.

I Heart this Petoskey stone necklace!

By hot I mean in temperature, not in sexyiness. I don’t qualify this sailor-esqe outfit as hot, maybe cute. I do however like how the blue lace skirt goes with everything and even though it is lace, looks uncomplicated with this simple boatneck cotton blouse.

FYI Even though its 90+ outside I am still able to wear long sleeves or event pants because the office is like Antarctica minus the penguins. It’s been so hot here that John came home with a borrowed window air conditioner!

Is it fall yet? Are you starting to wish it was September, just to cool down?Anyone else into sailor outfits in the summer?

Mascara Review

My name is Kyle and I am a Mascara-aholic!

Literally I love mascara. When I turned 13 my Mom let me wear makeup, but she didn’t buy me makeup… so I just started by wearing her mascara, which turned into mascara and an under eye concealer. Now that I am an adult and buy my own makeup I still can’t leave the house without mascara and an under eye concealer!  I mean I could leave the house, but it’s not really a sight for all eyes.

I’ve got a fav concealer (it’s actually a foundation) and I never change. Oh, and a new compact of this stuff will last me about 6 months! AWESOME.

In Ivory (what can I say I have angel skin)

When it comes to mascara, I have tried them all. I will tell you though, I’m not a big fan of department store mascaras, it’s not the money, it’s the fact that they don’t work any better than the same product and  they do cost far more.  I have used many a Lancome product and if you absolutely have to have a department store mascara, this is the one but it smells weird…

Hypnose Volume Mascara by Lancome (I use brown or brownish black mascara, but I couldn't find a pic)

Back to the subject… I actually like drug store mascaras!! I think I’ve tried them all, I certainly will try anything new. I usually have a couple different brands/tubes going at the same time and I switch it up regularly. I also will not use an old tube! Haven’t you noticed that when mascara gets old it starts to smell? That can not be a good thing. JUST THROW IT OUT even if it did cost you $20!
I do love one brand in particular, Maybelline. They make the best mascaras. I’m sure it all started with this one (the green and pink) which I totally still use. Anyway my current fav is Maybelline’s Falsies which has a patented ‘spoon’ brush. The brush is really different and lends itself to create l beautiful big thick lashes and in my opinion the bigger the better when it comes to lashes. So back to the brush, it actually has regular bristles on one side and has short bristles on the other so you can concentrate on the base of the eye lash to start with the short bristles (creating fullness) and then use the long bristles to create  long and thick lashes. Here is the one I am currently using as my go to mascara, o.O.o and I just had a comment the other day about how thick my eyelashes were…

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express in Brownish-Black

Do you still rock the pink & green by Maybelline? Any fav brands of mascara? Are you addicted to mascara?

Fabric Floral Pin DIY

I’m in love with Pinterest! Mainly I use it as a place to gather inspiration and follow creative trends. You can see what I have pinned on my boards here. Oh, and my recent coffee table  inspiration for my chalkboard coffee table came from Pinterest, and I’ve got lots more plans for projects from my pins.

Fabric flowers are crazy cute and add fun to any outfit. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and figured as it involved zero sewing and minimal time I could try it out. The flower I saw on Pinterest looks like this…

When I was ready I headed straight to Trish’s Two Peas in a Pod Designs (where the pin originated) to see the full tutorial. I loved the step by step pictures for the fringed floral pin. I used Trish’s tutorial as the basis for my fabric flower pin and I came up with this. Trish definitely didn’t miss a step, great tutorial.

Fabric Flower Pin

Okay, so the tutorial works. I used about a stick of hot-glue (yeah if you can’t sew, you usually can use hot-glue (LOVE THIS TUTORIAL). My first go at this project worked well and I spent zero money. I used this old shirt to create the pin.

It took me about an hour total, mainly creating these tiny little circles out of the old Oxford.

Then a little time was spent glueing

This picture was taken after the first fringed circles were added to the felt base. I’m pretty sure I used more glue than really needed, but I mean how is a girl to know on her first attempt. FYI I don’t care for the seersucker fabric I used, not because of the stripes, but because the fabric continues to fray tiny little fibers. I did combat this when I wore the pin… I sprayed it with a little hairspray, and for the most part it worked to prevent the fiber shedding.

I think I'll make another one, soon.

What do you think? Was it worth the hour it took me to make? Have you started saving your flower pin budget by making these yourself?

Accessories make it

Okay,  so truly I am a basics kinda gal… I mean a crisp white blouse with a navy blue skirt is right up my alley. Except not really at all, I love to accessorize. I once was on my way to an interview and my Mom told me to put on some accessories, because as she said “you look professional, you just look really boring and not you”. Love-my- Mom. Actually come to think of it back in college when I didn’t know what to wear my BFF would tell me, “just put on a few more random things on, and you will have a very ‘Kyle’ outfit”.

Here is todays take on the ‘classic’ white and navy outfit, with a splash of accessory color.  Oh and excuse how I’ve removed my footwear, I really am not a fan of shoes and I completely forgot I wasnt wearing any. FYI I did wear a simple blue flat to work.



What is it I’m wearing? A great navy lace skirt (Target), a unique shape white blouse (Marshall’s), my favorite accessory belt (Gap) (oh FYI this belt was $5 at Gap a couple of months back, SCORE), flower pin (Younker’s).

The best part about adding flair to a plain outfit is being able to wear nearly the exact same thing (the white blouse and navy skirt) in many different ways and most everyone I know would never know, because they will have focused on the pink flower pin. Maybe next time I wear this combination, I’ll add red accessories or something more nautical.

Also, this work ready outfit totally reminds me of Liz from 26 and Counting. Love her fun, appropriate and wearable work outfits.

Do you love to accessorize? What is your go to accessory that enhances everything you wear it with? Have you ever forgotten you weren’t wearing shoes?

OH, and I will ask John about enhancing my outfit pictures, these are boring.


Happy 4th of July LONG WEEKEND

BRING ON A FEW DAYS OFF! Oh, and our Totally Awesome America’s Birthday Party on Monday at our house.

God Bless America

Cute casual Friday Outfit Rundown: Blouse (TJ MAXX), Necklaces (Art Fairs) , Bracelet (Forever 21), Ring (G’s closet), Jeans (Gap), Sandals (Nine West Outlet)

Oh, and this little cutie wanted to say hi. She is finally social after nearly 24 hours of thunderstorms.

Happy Fourth! Love, Talis

First decent outfit

In a week I don’t think I’ve worn a decent thing worth blogging about. Today I wore something of some visual interest. Casual for a nice 70 degree West Michigan day.

Brown maxi dress, pocket cardigan, with a scarf and belt to pull it all together

Drastic Change

I have had shorter hair my entire life. I mean not super short, but just-long-enough-to-put-it-in-a-ponytail-short. The past five years however I have had long hair, well not in the beginning of the five years, but you know (I grew it out). We’ll for whatever reason back in February I said “the heck with it, lets chop it” and I ended up cutting maybe 4 inches off my hair.

Superbowl! GO PACK GO!

My hair just a few weeks before the February chop. (photo taken at Super Bowl party, those cuties are my BF John and our BFF Buck).

Since February my hair seemed to grow the 4 inches back and it was nearly back to the original length (the LONGEST my hair has EVER been). Any who, now its summer and I just couldn’t handle the weight of all that hair, nor the time sweating while blow drying. Oh, and how my blow dryer almost lit me on fire when it became a flame thrower a couple of weeks ago. So I got another CHOP. This time much more drastic… Last week I had Amanda (best stylist ever) cut my hair drastically again.

New chopped hair.

Today I went for a messy beach wave with my new short hair. It's chin length. (oh, and sorry this pic was taken in my office)

How do I feel about the new Chop? Great Question… We’ll I keep telling myself, “its only hair, it will grow back.” I guess that means I’m not crazy about it, but it’s not horrible.

Have you ever made a drastic hair change? Maybe went from blonde to red (been there), or platinuim to black (oops that was an accident).

Favorite Jeans

Who doesn’t have a favorite pair of jeans? For me a favorite pair isn’t usually a pair I’ve had for a while. Frankly if I’ve had it a while, I don’t usually like it as much as I did when I first bought them.  I am one of those weird people, who believe that clothes fit best before their first wash, and I don’t even like taking the tags off until I am already wearing it.

What is included in a favorite pair of jeans?

-DARK (jeans are classier dark)

-tight enough to look sexy, loose enough to look comfy

-long. they need to be able to be worn with flip flops or a small heel

My current fav? Well it just so happens to be on sale!!

Perfect jeans right now!

On sale at The Gap for $39.99