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Shellac update

Okay, I loved the Shellac (see my first post here)… until today. When I found myself biting my nails. NOTE: Shellac is not a home removal product (because it is difficult to remove at home), so what happened was I cracked the entire nail of, super short and really grossly. It will probably hurt tomorrow. I’m not sure Shellac is for a nail-biting reformer like me, I mean the room for serious error is huge!

 Although the product did hold up great! I mean I have even sanded and painted with it on and it is still looking great (until I ruined it).

Ouch and Gross! I think I will go get it removed later today.

I have a cat.

I’m a cat lover, more than the average person. I use to have a small collection of porcelain cats. I no longer do. John made me sell them at our garage sale in May because as he said “they are kinda creepy.” It was probably their beady little eyes that made them appear creepy, but to me they were just perfect. So the only cat thing I have left is my cat, Talis Thomas. 

Talis (Tali or Little or Gray or Burger Kitty or TT or anything else I so happen to call her at the time) is a perfect cat! She enjoys lounging, occasional curdles oh, and spazzing out and biting. Okay, so she is definitely not a perfect cat, not in the least, but I love her all the same. Plus she loves to snuggle under the covers and it’s just so cute, as long as she is asleep.

Here is what she has been up to lately. Mind you its HOT in Michigan right now but, there is no other place she would rather be.

She's mad I woke her up from her nap to take glassy eyed pics.

She has the monitor laid all the way back on the laptop. Oh, sorry this pic was taken on my phone...

Don’t Judge, I’m a Nail Biter.

Hi my name is Kyle and I’m a nail biter.

Gross I know, seriously what 28-year-old still bites her nails? I’ve been doing it my whole life and I’m not sure if I will ever be fully cured of my condition, but I’m trying.

Typically I bite when I am  driving or stressed, so pretty much on my way to work, at work and home from work (which at 45 to 1 hour each way… I bite from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday). I find myself anxiously biting away before I even realize I’m doing it. Often I bite to fix a rough spot and end up making it worse.

Gross before fingers

BEFORE Shellac: Sorry this is such a boot picture, I took it on my phone at the salon.

I’m QUITING again! This time Shellac is my medium of protection. I figure that the manicure method is the best to assist in growing out the nails, as well as just stopping the constant biting habit. I went here to have Sara (super awesome salon owner) apply my first coat of Shellac. I loved every minute of the mani (oh and I got a pedi while I was there too).

Okay the Shellac process… first off Shellac is a dry-manicure (no water, no oil, no soap) they clean your entire nail with no wetness emphasing that the cuticle is pushed completely back and that the tip is smooth. Then they buff and begin with a base coat, two color coats and a layer of top coat (the top coat is really thick). In between each layer of Shellac your hand is in a UV light. To seal the entire thing in Sara just lightly rubbed each finger with alcohol and bamo done. Shellac works like an acrylic or gel nail with no fake tip on the end and no harsh chemicals and awful sanding of your nail beds. Shellac can be completely removed at the salon (not advised for at home removal!!)

I picked a light color as I plan to go 14 days (Shellac is guaranteed for 14 days) before the salon removes and re-dos them. Typically when your nails are first growing they grow super fast and going 2 weeks with a dark polish is not advised. And AFTER Shellac…

AFTER Shellac: Immediately after my first Shellac mani. They look better already and they are still super short.

Have you ever been a nail biter? Are you totally disgusted with me and this post? Does Shellac really work? How long do you think until I fail?

Craigslist your hard

Selling things on Craigslist is supposed to be easy… except when it’s not. I’ve tried posting half a dozen items from my Grandmother’s estate on Craigslist, but so far no bites. I did however have a gentleman tell me in my Garage Sale post that I forgot to include the date, oops.


I mean at only 30 bucks who wouldn’t want this baby rocker! Craig’s loss, not mine. Oh, well maybe this little guy and Craig’s other friends will sell at the G-sale this weekend.