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Vacation Recap- IDAHO

Two girls and the mountains

Gorgeous! love the snow

Happy Kyle

Dang can my Mom take a photo

Have you ever been to Idaho?

Have you ever been to the Sawtooth Mountains?

It is gorgeous, truly amazing. Each day we were there we watched the snow melt on the mountains in the 80 degree temperatures. The Sawtooths range in elevation and have heavy and late spring snowfall, so even though it was July there is tons of snow. Actually, there is still so much snow that we weren’t able to access a few of the alpine lakes and mountain passes that we originally intended on backpacking to.

What else, well my vacation was with my Mom (my friends refer to her as Jody J). She is a great travel partner, we’ve been doing these mother & daughter backpacking adventures for years. Where have we gone? Paria River Canyon, The Olympic Peninsula, Isle Royale, North Manitou, The High Uintas… and a ton more. Any suggestions on where we should go next year?

Have you been on a mother daughter trip lately? Have you even been backpacking? or seen a place this beautiful?

Hope you are having a great summer. I know I am, and you can tell because this post took me a week to do. I’m not really sorry, I like being busy in the summer.


So two potatoes are walking down the street and on of them…

No really this is no joke. I have been on vacation for the past week, with my Mom. We’ve been in Idaho, flew in to Boise and headed for the mountains.

I’ll tell ya’ all about it next week. For now check out this very in-depth overview of  the trail I’ve been backpacking on Wilderness Vagabond.

Sawtooth Wilderness


Isn't it pretty?