End of Summer Challenge to Myself: Day One

End of Summer Challenge to Myself (dress in something I have hardly worn all summer) Day One.

I only have two more weeks until my End of Summer I Heart Michigan Vacation, and as my pal Michelle (hey girl, I know your reading this) was telling me, “If you haven’t really worn it this summer. Get rid of it.”  So, I’ve decided that for at least the next week I will take my minimally worn summer clothes for a test drive. If I like it after a full work day (yes, most of my clothes can be worn as work clothes) then I will keep it until next summer.  I am going to wear as many seasonally specific things as I can. Which might actually be tough, as for the most part I like to buy clothes that can be worn in at least 2 seasons.

I love this skirt, but I never wear it.

I remember why I don't wear it... It is too big. (SORRY THIS IS BLURRY)

I do really love it. Maybe if I knew someone who could bring it in...

Decision: I'm keeping it. It is a bit big, but I am already imagining it a bit smaller and worn with maybe some western inspired boots... Yup, keeping it, I know my face doesn't say it but I do LOVE the pattern of this skirt.

Outfit Breakdown: Jean Jacket (Gap), Skirt (second-hand American Eagle), Belt (Target), Black Tee (H&M), Shoes (DSW), Bracelet (New York & Company), Necklace (Gift)

She seems mildly interested in it.

Anyone else needs to do some summer purging?

FYI I am only featuring things here, that I was going to keep, but never wore, so before I keep it I am ensuring I love it. I do have a pile already started that I am giving to my pal Michelle to donate to a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Garage Sale Fundraiser.

Summer your days are numbered

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I’m just so over it! Bring on some cooler temps and the days where air conditioning is not needed. I still have another summer vacation and a few outfits that I haven’t worn, so I guess I don’t wont summer over yet, I just am counting the days until it’s completion.

Summer isn't over quite yet.

So I'm still thinking of summer combos

John loved this picture, so it made it to the blog.

I love the light colors of this outfit, and the jacket worked well for a low humidity 77 degree day in August.

Oh, and if you’re wondering… my hair is a bit darker. I was at Splurge Salon last night and Amanda fixed me all up.

Outfit run down: Jacket (Marshall’s), Blouse (J Crew), Skirt (Thrifted Target), Belt (Target), Shoes (Macy’s)

Anyone else over summer?

Do you love seersucker as much as I do?

Anyone else boyfriend take embarrassing photos?

Love a girls weekend

Have you met my BFF Alison yet? She is so great, such an awesome person to be friends with, totally makes a rainy day at an outdoor festival fun! Alison is also the reason I started running (I don’t consider it a hobby, but it is an excercise I don’t despise), shes the reason I ever watched Sex in the City,  a huge foodie inspiration to me, the best person to watch Love Actually (favorite movie) with…  Love her, we’ve been friends for 9 years, only bummer is, she lives 3 hours away.

Cutest girl I know.

Anyway, over the weekend Alison was here in Grand Haven (she hails from the  Chicago suburbs) and we took in some great casual weekend activities. You know girls night out in Grand Rapids, a craft fair, window shopping in Grand Haven, lakeside wine drinking, and a little wedding planing. Did I tell you that Alison is getting married next summer to a great guy (hey Greg). So happy for them both. Anyway, we spent hours talking about all of her wedding plans and she has even asked me to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. I can’t wait!

Do you love our new summer hats? I even wore mine to our lakeside dinner.

 This is my straw hat inspiration… just gotta get the swimsuit (yuck swimsuit shopping) here is the link to where  I found my inspiration.

Back on about the weekend. We both bought our new sea grass summer hats at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Art Fair. Wow, I have never seen so many people in Grand Haven, EVER.  I can’t believe GH puts on a party that big every year and the art fair was class act! Lots of local and non local vendors, yummy street food (shout out to my chili cheese dog) and even though it poured down rain nearly the entire time I had a great day.

No idea on what is up with the dragon, but when in Holland do as the Hollanders do, pose next to it.

Late night wedding planning. Their wedding is going to be gorgeous.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Bad news, is today is Monday and it is back to the grind. Good news, Friday is just a few days away. We can make it my fellow working peeps!!

Anyone else get the honor of becoming a bridesmaid this past weekend?
Have any great stories about being outside on a rainy summer day?
Did anyone else have to pay $5 to park 6 blocks away from their own small downtown area? (Love you tourists.)

Vacation Recap- IDAHO

Two girls and the mountains

Gorgeous! love the snow

Happy Kyle

Dang can my Mom take a photo

Have you ever been to Idaho?

Have you ever been to the Sawtooth Mountains?

It is gorgeous, truly amazing. Each day we were there we watched the snow melt on the mountains in the 80 degree temperatures. The Sawtooths range in elevation and have heavy and late spring snowfall, so even though it was July there is tons of snow. Actually, there is still so much snow that we weren’t able to access a few of the alpine lakes and mountain passes that we originally intended on backpacking to.

What else, well my vacation was with my Mom (my friends refer to her as Jody J). She is a great travel partner, we’ve been doing these mother & daughter backpacking adventures for years. Where have we gone? Paria River Canyon, The Olympic Peninsula, Isle Royale, North Manitou, The High Uintas… and a ton more. Any suggestions on where we should go next year?

Have you been on a mother daughter trip lately? Have you even been backpacking? or seen a place this beautiful?

Hope you are having a great summer. I know I am, and you can tell because this post took me a week to do. I’m not really sorry, I like being busy in the summer.


So two potatoes are walking down the street and on of them…

No really this is no joke. I have been on vacation for the past week, with my Mom. We’ve been in Idaho, flew in to Boise and headed for the mountains.

I’ll tell ya’ all about it next week. For now check out this very in-depth overview of  the trail I’ve been backpacking on Wilderness Vagabond.

Sawtooth Wilderness


Isn't it pretty?

Cat Fashion Show

I’m in love with my cat.

I have no idea why… she barfed in front of the refrigerator last week, she bites us when we play with her, her little hairs get all over everything, she rarely likes to cuddle, she doesn’t know how to use the toilet, her cat food smells like umm, cat food, she and John have an interesting relationship…

All the same I think she is the best thing ever and I can’t help but squish her until she can’t take it anymore.

Check out Talis’s (short for Talis (as in Talisman) Thomas) most recent modeling session. Gorgeous, she looks ravishing in gray ;). Actually as gray and yellow is the hottest design trend, maybe I’ll get her a new yellow collar to match those yellow eyes.

You obsessed  with your cat too? Share a pic Tali would love to meet a new friend she wont have the pleasure of hissing at.

Dressed as a Diet Coke

See how its Red, Black with White...

Okay I'm not a Diet Coke can. But when drank a DC I felt like one.

I heart skirts that flare.

Outfit Breakdown: BLOUSE Marshall’s, SKIRT Eileen Fisher (secret love to this older than my age brand), BELT Kohl’s, SHOES Jessica Simpson (LOVE THE LEOPARD)

Incredibly hot

Outfit breakdown: TOP The Limited (via thrift), NECKLACE (gifted from Mom see similar here), SKIRT Target, BELT thrifted,  SHOES NinewestSuper bright, sorry I should have worn shades.

I Heart this Petoskey stone necklace!

By hot I mean in temperature, not in sexyiness. I don’t qualify this sailor-esqe outfit as hot, maybe cute. I do however like how the blue lace skirt goes with everything and even though it is lace, looks uncomplicated with this simple boatneck cotton blouse.

FYI Even though its 90+ outside I am still able to wear long sleeves or event pants because the office is like Antarctica minus the penguins. It’s been so hot here that John came home with a borrowed window air conditioner!

Is it fall yet? Are you starting to wish it was September, just to cool down?Anyone else into sailor outfits in the summer?

Green Thumb, NOT

I haven’t a green thumb. I know you are surprised, as I  posted a pic of my nearly dead basil plant earlier this week…

Anyway check out this near dead poinsettia that I have had for 1.5 years! Seriously, two Christmases ago he was gorgeous, until I left him without water for a few days. He nearly died, almost every one of his gorgeous red leaves fell off. A few green leaves lived and I nursed him back to health to his current state.

Can you believe that a poinsettia can even live this long? It’s so ugly, but I have no heart to throw it away. Wouldn’t it be just awful to be a plant and be tossed into the trash still alive, like being buried alive.

Green and Red Thumb

Do you have a green thumb? Have you got any advice on helping my little green and red friend out? I’d love to see him ready for Christmas this year… Please help him.

Perfect summer weekend

What a weekend? No really what a weekend. This was a great weekend. I think the only thing that would have made it better, swimming. Had I taken a dip in Lake Michigan or at least a pool I would have had a complete summer weekend. What did we do you ask?

Friday I finished this project, and took the guest bedroom from this..

Before finishing this project.

to this…

AFTER: Casual cursive lyrics.

AFTER: Casual cursive lyrics.

What do you think? Improvement? I like it, definitely adds to the height of the bed and makes it the focal point in the room. Thank you free project!

I'd say I'm happy with the guest bedroom. On to the bedroom.

Saturday was a complete day, the arrival of John’s Mom and Aunt Dianne. Who got to Grand Haven just in time to hit up our fav breakfast spot and then we headed out antiquity all afternoon. What did I get? Just another deer for my ceramic deer collection and a Ball Jar filled with buttons! I can use these buttons on anything and I saw a cute tutorial for a button clip for my hair. Hmm, maybe soon I will put up my tutorial review on button hair pins. That is if I make some.

Buttons and Ball Jar

For my collection.

We also took the girls out onto my Dad’s boat.

We had a ball! and look at that fish.

Isn’t my Dad a great guy for letting us borrow him to take us for a cruise at sunset?

Thanks Dad.

And I know you wont believe it but we also had a great Sunday, complete with eating ice-cream twice in one day (what else do you do when it’s 90 degrees outside?), and seeing the final Harry Potter.

Do you love or hate it when it is 90+ out there and you melt when put your makeup on? Are you also devastated that after years, you are no longer waiting on the premiere of a Harry Potter book or magazine? Didn’t Neville Longbottom get cute? Are you a fatty too, it’s okay if you are it makes me feel better? FYI Eating ice-cream twice in a day EQUALS serious fatty.